Organization structure
Organization Structure

I. Advisory departments

     1. Planning and Investment Department

     2. Financing Department

     3. Road Safety Department

     4. Road Management and Maintenance Department

     5. Science Technology, Environment and International  Cooperation Department

     6. Transport Department

     7. Vehicle and Driver Management Dept

     8. Organization and Personnel Department

     9.  Administration Office

     10. Inspection and Legislation Department

     11. Road construction Management Bureau

     12. Expressway management Bureau

     13. Road Regional Bureau I

     14. Road Regional Bureau II

     15. Road Regional Bureau III

     16. Road Regional Bureau IV


II.  Non-business units under DRVN

     1. The North Transportation Secondary School

     2. The South Transportation Secondary School

     3. The Vocational School for road motor vehicles

     4. Viet Nam road Magazine

     5. Road technical center


III. Agenices were established by DRVN

     1. Project Management Unit 3 (PMU3)

     2. Project Management Unit 4 (PMU4)

     3. Project Management Unit 5 (PMU5)

     4. Project Management Unit 8 (PMU8)